Terms and Conditions

From the Products shopping platform, through the Luxor Computer online store


Purchases made through the Luxor Computer portal on the website https://www.luxorcomputer.com will be governed by the following Terms and Conditions. The customer accepts and acknowledges having read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions, prior to making the purchase on our portal.



Identity of the Contracting Parties

The client will carry out a registration process on our portal https://www.luxorcomputer.com in a free and informed way. In the process of registering the personal data that the client provides, the data will be treated under the Personal Data Processing Policies.



Information of our Products

The products offered on the Luxor Computer online platform, https://www.luxorcomputer.com are accompanied by a detailed description of each of the products, along with images of them, which allow the consumer to take a Informed purchase decision. If the client wishes to expand the product description information, he can contact our customer service area through the following email: luxorcomputer@gmail.com



Sales Value

The prices established for each of the products are those published on the Luxor Computer online platform, and do not include the Transfer Tax of Movable Goods and Services (ITBMS - 7%). The price of each product in the Luxor Computer online platform may be different from the price that the same product has in the physical store of Luxor Computer in the Crab via Argentina. The ITBMS will charge at the end of the purchase.


Prices can be modified at any time, without prior notice, therefore, the customer must verify the same at the time of purchase and in the purchase summary that will be displayed prior to the time of payment.


Likewise, said summary will already contain the Transfer Tax of Movable Goods and Services (ITBMS - 7%).

The prices shown do not include shipping costs or handling charges. However, these expenses will be reflected in the purchase summary that will be displayed prior to the time of payment, where the total value of the payment will be reflected.



Product portfolio

The available quantities of each product may vary constantly according to the volume of purchases that are being made online at that time of that particular product, and the acquisition and charge will be subject to the availability of the products at the time of the end of Buy online. In the event that the customer makes his purchase and the product is not available, he will be notified on the business day immediately following the day of the purchase and the money will be returned in a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase, depending on the issuing bank.



Order Summary

Prior to the completion of the purchase through payment, the customer will view a summary of the order of all the goods he intends to acquire, with the necessary elements for identification; the individual price of each of them, and the total price of the goods and services, including ITBMS, as well as the additional costs that must be paid for shipping and handling in addition to the total sum to be paid, including the shipping address of your order.


The customer has the duty to verify that the operation reflects his intention to purchase, and other conditions, as well as the destination address. In the event of finding any inconsistency, the customer can make corrections or decline the sale. Once the verification is done, you can confirm the purchase, which is understood to be express, known and voluntary, when the customer accepts the purchase summary, which directs the payment. If the client detects any error in the data submitted, he must immediately inform Luxor Computer, to make the correction of the same through the following email: luxorcomputer@gmail.com




Payment will be made through any of the means provided on the page. The customer will receive within the twenty-four (24) hours following the purchase at most, an acknowledgment of receipt of his purchase order, with information on the products purchased, product availability, delivery time, total price paid, and the form in which the payment was made.



Payment support

The original DGI invoice will be sent to the customer along with the product in the delivery.